Heat resistant BBQ Gloves Oven Mitts, will protect your hands up to 425F



  • Made out of High Quality Silicone, BPA Free. FDA Approved. Heat Resistant for Temperatures up to 425ºF
  • 1-Pair guaranteed to last Pure silicone gloves with “One Size fits Most” Design.
  • Safe Movement of Hot Items is guaranteed with Our No Slip Five Finger Design.
  • Waterproof and Dishwasher Safe
  • Lifetime Hassle-Free Warranty

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PBKay® Is Bringing You a Solution to Those Old Smelly Oven Mitts!

The PBKay® Silicone Gloves offer you the perfect solution to those old smelly Oven Mitts.
Now you can slip on these comfortably designed five finger gloves and move around hot items in your
kitchen knowing this Heat Resistant pair has got you covered up to 425F.

These Gloves allow you come in direct contact with hot food so you can now easily grab and
carve hot juicy meats by hand or use for pulling Chicken, fish and Pork. The Durability and
versatility of these Silicone Gloves allow you to use these in any cooking prep facility and work
great as Pot Holders, Grill Gloves and Camping too!

100% Waterproof and will not turn smelly even after long-term use if properly washed.